Selecting Your High School

With your parents, consider the school that you would like to attend. Keep in mind the following:

  • The examination fee entitles you to three choices. Additional selections are not permitted.
  • Make sure that you are eligible for the schools to which you wish to apply. You should consult school literature or call the school for entrance requirements.
  • Discuss your choices with your teachers, guidance counselor, or principal. Their advice will help you and your parents determine which schools best meet your educational needs.
  • Measure the daily travel time from your home to the school. Check to see if transportation is available. Be sure that you are willing to travel the distance involved.
  • You may select up to three high schools to receive your test results. The prudent student will use all three selections.
  • If you are taking the examination with testing accommodations, be sure to check with the school to which you are applying concerning admissions requirements and the entrance exam.
  • Be sure to use the high school code numbers carefully:
  • When you receive your admission card, enter the code number of your three selections on the admission card. These numbers will be used again later on your examination sheet as well.
  • The code numbers must be accurate for your examination scores to be sent to the school you wish to attend. If the numbers are wrong, your scores will be sent to the wrong schools. If you leave the section for numbers blank, your scores will not be sent to any school.
  • Code numbers are listed in the Registration Booklet, or you may click here.