When Saint Anthony’s High School opened its doors in 1933, it brought to Long Island an 800-year-old Franciscan tradition of excellence in education. Founded on the Franciscan principle, “Capture the heart and the mind will follow,” this Roman Catholic, college-preparatory school encourages young men and women to discover and nurture their academic, artistic, athletic, and spiritual gifts.

St. Anthony’s offers a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum that includes 19 Advanced Placement course offerings, as well as a substantial selection of honors and college credit courses. Additionally, approximately 140 students participate in the St. Anthony’s Science Research program, Friarquest, which in only five years since its inception, has already yielded recognition for three national semifinalists in the renowned Intel Science Program.

St. Anthony’s also furnishes an array of academic electives such as business, criminal, and constitutional law, marketing, philosophy, forensics, human anatomy, physiology, and many others. St. Anthony’s Fine Arts Department offers multiple levels of art, a choral and instrumental music program with more than 1,000 student participants, as well as a Dramatics Department and classes in bagpipes and Highland pipe band drumming.

With a passing grade of 75%, all students are expected to pursue high standards of excellence. The academic program at St. Anthony’s prepares our graduates for a wide range of excellent college opportunities. The vast majority of families experience a substantial return on the academic investment of St. Anthony’s. In the Class of 2016, 11 students accepted invitations to Ivy League schools, and more than 400 students received scholarships totaling more than $77,000,000.

The St. Anthony’s school day does not end with the last academic bell. There are more than 100 extracurricular activities including: athletics, clubs, student government, service organizations, performance groups, publications, and a vast array of student activities.

St. Anthony’s supports its academic and extracurricular programs with some of the finest facilities in the country. The Our Lady of the Angels Chapel sits at the center of the campus and is available for Mass every day. The 144,000 square-foot Student Center offers a venue that most colleges would envy for music, art, and athletics. St. Anthony’s new Science Center offers one of the most state-of-the-art environments for science and STEM education. Most recently, St. Anthony’s added its third turf field with the opening of the James C. Metzger Stadium in the front of our campus.

When entering as a freshman (after taking the Catholic High School Entrance Exam) or as a transfer student (applications can be accessed at www.stanthonyshs.org), admission is based on two criteria: the demonstrated ability to succeed in a college-preparatory school and the student’s expressed desire to attend “The School with a Difference.”

275 Wolf Hill Road

South Huntington, New York 11747-1394 (631) 271-2020 ext. 315

FAX: (631) 351-1507 (Admissions Office)

WEB SITE: www.stanthonyshs.org

E-MAIL: pwashington@stanthonyshs.org



Brother Gary Cregan, O.S.F., Principal


Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn


2,400 Young Men and Women 





$600 Registration

Code# 696